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Josef Mertin

Born on October 20, 1919 in Niederpreschkau/ Sudetenland

Died on December 12,1995 in Gudensberg-Dissen/Hessen


What is mosaic tapestry?

The artist developed a new technique for mosaic tapestry i.e. composite works made

up of many small and larger pieces of material that together depict a motif.

The accomplished work is the result of the free-play of imagination, expert adaptation, graphic effect.

The images are neither woven nor embroidered, hence genuine tapestry. For over 35 years

the artist worked with textile materials.


Focus of artistic work

People, nature, sacral motifs, but also the “deutsche Märchen Strasse” (the road of

German Fairytale) i.e. fairytales, folklore, sagas and places in the German landscape.



Five hundred expositions for tapestries. Themes include fairytales, sagas and places,

folk costumes, towns in Hessen (Germany), sacral motifs and many others.

The largest mosaic being 9m x 1m